Alex Titus and Maggie McDonell celebrate New Years

Over the next 18 months there will undoubtedly be countless experiences, both positive and negative, that will be unforgettable and will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Every country, every mile, and every person we meet will leave some impression that we will combine into the memories and experience we gain from this trip; over time they will become this trip. Before we start-off however, I want to share what has become my past 10 months. I have experienced more and grown farther as a person than any other 10 month period of my life and if this time is any indication of the next 10 months, I can confidently say I am going to have more fun than you will ;-)

I moved to SeatAlex and Maggie at a baseball gametle last July to take a moment and enjoy the Emerald City and everything the Northwest has to offer an outdoor explorer. I came here with no expectations and no plan to stay for long; after all I was supposed to be heading to grad school in Illinois in January. August, however, took a turn that I hadn’t expected. I met Maggie.

It was on our first date that I heard about her plans to ride PanAm, north to south, and heard about the life she had lived up to that point. Usually on first dates she refrained from talking about her trip lest she scare away her suitor. I, however, started to fall for this tall, adventurous and life loving woman who sat across the table telling me of her ambitious trip. Date two found us at Gas Works Park on a Thursday after work with sandwiches and Full Sail beers chatting about some of my past adventures; I had just come back from a year of travel and the jobless life :-) More dates were to come.

That was August. It was a month of unexpected fun and excitement shared with a woman so happy it was impossible to find time to be sad. That was 10 months ago. Today, I look back on memories of ski adventures sleeping in my van. I look back on fun dates, slow mornings, and quiet coffee sips chatting about what we want from life. I look back on a decision to join this crazy trip that has now become 2Wheels, 2Continents. But more than all of that, I look forward. I am looking forward to the trip with memories to come and a life after this adventure that is sure to be as wonderful as the past 10 months have been.

Last Thursday night, at Gas Works Park with Full Sail beers, I was granted the privileged of looking forward indefinitely. Last Thursday, where we started our relationship of fun dates and wilder musings, Maggie agreed to marry me!

Alex and Maggie are engaged!

My family has been unbelievably supportive!

Family support

My dad even hand made our engagement rings!

Hand made engagement rings

I cannot be more excited for what we have coming ahead of us. Thank you everyone for the support this far!

  • Holly Davis McDonell

    You guys are fabulous humans on your own; together, you are UNSTOPPABLE!!!! I love you both!!!