The Seven Week Freak

View of the Dalton Highway heading south from Prudhoe Bay.

We bought our plane tickets!! Our official departure date is June 17th, 2014.  We leave seven weeks from yesterday out of Portland. We upped our departure date by two weeks because it was going to be too much of a crunch to make it to a wedding I am in in Oregon on September 6th. After calling the BLM office that manages the Dalton Highway to check on the expected condition of the road in mid June, I hung up the phone a bit more confident that the road would be ok but feeling like I need to buy a gun. Yikes!untitled

Now when I talk about the trip, I get very excited with a bit of anxiety induced chest pain. I’m pretty sure we have five different to-do lists and to-purchase lists constantly running. About a million things are going through my mind and it is becoming difficult to organize. And all of a sudden our frequently used joke of “We are training by carbo-loading,” is not nearly as funny as we both are feeling like we could/should be in much better shape. Yikes!

And then….I hurt my back at work on Sunday. This is a TERRIBLE time for a back ache!

This all culminates into what I have titled “The Seven Week Freak.” We are freaking out.  A healthy amount.  We are freaking out a healthy amount :)  I was reading the Philtrons blog and they leave in less than six days! I better pull myself together, or I will be a mess when we get to T-6 days! Yikes!

Next on the list of To-Do’s is to thoroughly plan our food, practice boxing and unboxing our bikes, take them in for a final professional tune, and maybe get some massages??

How the bike looks when it comes out of the box!

How the bike looks when it comes out of the box!

  • Daisy Philtron

    Congratulations on the plane tickets – I am so impressed you actually called BLM to ask about road conditions! Is the hypothetical gun for the bears, wolves, or humans? (joke…) We are seriously going to travel with three bear canisters throughout Alaska for food storage, and play harmonicas all night to scare the animals away. I am so excited to follow your trip on the Dalton!

    Keep whittling away at the to-do list. It does get shorter, but I am beginning to think it never really ends.